Hypnosis (trance) is a natural, deepened state of relaxation similar to daydreaming.  All of us experience trance several times a day naturally.  While in this state of deepened relaxation or focused concentration, individuals are able to access both their conscious and subconscious minds. Hypnosis can assist an individual in making changes in many areas of their lives. Some of the more common areas are smoking cessation and weight control, though there are many others.


WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM A HYPNOSIS SESSION:  Your first appointment will begin with an interview.  You will then be seated in a comfortable chair and be guided into a state of relaxation.  Once the desired level of relaxation is attained, suggestions are given to you to assist you in reaching your desired outcome or goal. Some issues will require multiple sessions, such as smoking cessation. You will work out a plan of action with your practitioner to help you stay on target. All you need for success is to be motivated, open, and willing.

* It is important to understand that an individual cannot be made to say or do anything they would not want to say or do or that would conflict with their morals or ethics while in the state of hypnosis/trance. All sessions are kept in strict confidence.



The history of the soul's journey is recorded and stored in the unconscious mind, available to you for retrieval at any time.  Looking at your past can bring meaning, insights, and clarity to your present life... the whys to your talents, gifts, and patterns.  Your past life regression at AHA is based on the method of Edgar Cayce.

That said, it is important to note that even if you don't believe in past lives, there is something to be gained from this practice.

Your mind is a magnificent place, filled with insights about life that you pass by unaware of all the time. But your unconscious mind is paying attention and it has plenty to tell you, and often does during sleep, speaking in metaphors and symbols. PLR works similarly, however, you are fully aware at all times during a session.

You have complete control -- all you need to do is to allow analysis to give way to the pure poetry of the subconscious mind. And there is no WRONG way to experience a past life regression.  Any information given to you is exactly what you are ready to receive and is a gift from your unconscious mind. 

All sessions are kept in strict confidence.

Note: PLR may not be the right path for you if you have experienced any recent trauma. Additionally, if you are in therapy, you may wish to seek the approval of your therapist before scheduling a session. This, of course, is up to your discretion.


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