• Kali

Well Then!

2018 was a bit of a nutty year for us at AHA. We gave our beloved Tory of Still Point Massage to New Jersey, and brought an amazing herbalist into our space -- Michelle of Cheshire Fields & Urth. Michelle is to herbs what Tory is to massage -- pure magic. Unfortunately, New Jersey is keeping Tory, and Michelle had a change of plans making it impossible for her to stay with us.

And it's all okay. Better than okay, actually!

We have officially entered our fourth year as Allegan Healing Arts! Patti has begun a Masters program in counseling, and I have been studying the Art & Science of Foot Reading. I am about 85% complete with my certification program now, and getting plenty of practice. I am so looking forward to being done though! I am ready to apply what I know, and gather some more tools. I am scheduled to begin a Master Herbalist course in the spring, having been inspired by Michelle and all the many amazing plant allies in the world. To that end, I have begun a new company with my sweetie of a colleague, Ellen Makowski, called KeyLeaf Herbal Creations, which will focus solely on products to assist Allegan Healing Arts clients -- foot soaks, energy baths, balms for achy joints, etc. We already have quite a few items in stock and all of them will be available at AHA's Lotus Room, as well as on our website.

We have some events in the works as well. That said, I would like to take the opportunity to invite you to a new group I'm forming called Flourish. This group is all about getting those creative juices flowing -- a supportive and encouraging space to connect to others and to yourself -- because as Brene Brown says -- unused creativity is NOT benign. Flourish is open to all creative types, no matter the genre, and it's free. However, you do need to sign up because, as awesome as AHA is, it's a cozy space, so head over to the bookings page, select "Groups" and sign yourself up if you want to be a part of it! I have room for 10 and already have 6 coming. Flourish begins February 21!

In March, we welcome back Kass Hillard to teach an intuitive/psychic development class called Opening to Spirit. This was supposed to take place a couple of weeks ago, but as I am POSITIVE you know --- the weather did not comply with travel of any kind that week, so we have rescheduled for March 30-31. If you are interested, head on over to our bookings page and click "Classes". It's sure to be a good one!

Sending you lots of love this Valentine's Day!


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