What is Reflexology?


Reflexology is a deeply relaxing, non-intrusive, holistic healing practice based on the theory that different points or reflexes on the feet, hands, or ears correspond with different parts of the body. Using the fingers and thumbs to apply various levels of pressure and/or movement to these reflexes, a reflexologist may assist clients in returning their bodies to homeostasis (the body's natural harmonious state), and thus assist them in their healing.

The nervous system is nothing short of a vast, complex, and magical system. Each foot contains more than 7,000 nerve endings which inform the body to warp, shift, or change based on the stimuli received, whether experienced as internal or external. Used alone or in tandem with Reflexology, Foot Reading is a method of foot assessment which allows a deeper evaluation of a persons health by incorporating the mental and emotional aspects of life and their influence on the body. For example, you can have headaches for physical reasons like illness or injury, but you may also have headaches for non-physical reasons, such as emotional stress. You may also experience both simultaneously -- one does not negate the other.

When the mind perceives pain of any type -- even anticipated, the body reacts in kind. Reflexology and Foot Reading  are ample translators for this information. 



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